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Ant Damage To Lawns

Have you noticed small piles of soil on your lawn, or do you have bare patches of turf (usually between April and October)? Lawns can get damaged from ant infestations which creates mounds of fine soil and increase the number of bare patches of turf. Ants also infest themselves into gaps in garden paths and between paving. Symptoms are often seen at lawn edges as the ants get less disturbance. Whilst unsightly, the soil mounds can usually be brushed away […]

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Spring Pond Cleaning

Preparing for spring pond cleaning. As your garden starts to come alive after the dormant months of winter, now is the time to prepare your pond for the warmer weather to come. Here are some useful tips for Spring Pond Maintenance. Step 1.Remove leaves and winter debris from the surrounding area to prevent them from being blown into the pond. Remove the netting you`ve left over the pond for the winter to keep the leaves out. Step 2. Remove any dead […]


Pruning for beginners

Pruning made easy. There is a multitude of highly technical and complicated advice on the web about pruning. This is my guide to pruning for beginners.   A few basic pruning rules. 1. There are very few plants that will die from being pruned at the wrong time of year. 2. Prune when a plant has finished flowering, not before. For instance, if you prune Forsythia in the autumn, it won`t flower properly in late winter / early spring.   3. […]

Ponds in Winter

Fish and plants need very different things in the winter, but can be kept in top condition for the following season if the appropriate steps are taken. When the water temperature falls below 10 degrees Centigrade, or whenever the fish start to lose interest in food, feeding should be eliminated.   Not only do goldfish and KOI not need to eat during the winter, it can actually be bad for them to be fed. Fish depend on certain enzymes and bacteria […]