Cottage Garden Design

What Defines a Cottage Garden?

Cottage gardens have a distinct style that uses an informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants.

Cottage Garden DesignCottage gardens don’t look designed, so avoid planting in straight lines or creating defined patterns. Let plants cascade over paths and weave through each other. It adds to their charm. And grow self-seeding plants that pop up in unexpected places.

cottage garden flowersWhen planting flowers, choose traditional plants such as peony, cosmos, foxglove, snapdragon, pansy, bachelor’s button, columbine, bleeding heart, and hollyhock. For that romantic feel think about flowers that bloom in soft pastel shades and plants packed with petals, such as peonies and old roses.


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Look for Materials with Character – Cottage gardens often include structures made from natural or well-worn materials. Weathered wood fences and gates look right at home among a collection of cottage plants.

Containers – Containers are the convenient way to add lots of extra colour around your back door, close to seats and benches, and on the patio.

Create soft meandering pathways instead of those that follow a straight, structured line. Many paving materials work in cottage gardens, including wood chips, stone, old bricks, and flagstone.

Accessorize with antique items you’re more likely to find garage-sale bargains than high-ticket purchases in a cottage garden. An old, dented watering can or a gate with peeling paint can work nicely.



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