Garden Step With Water Feature

This image shows one of our designs where we were able to incorporate a water feature into a patio step.

Garden Step with Water FeatureThis image shows some garden steps we built into a slope.

garden path with steps

If you want to build a series of steps, here is a DIY guide;

  1. Measure the vertical height of the slope and mark it with two parallel string lines
  2. At the top of the slope, attach a string line and hold it horizontally; measure the height and length of the flight
  3. Divide the height measurement by 200 mm (8 in) to work out how many steps you’ll need, then divide the number of steps by the height to determine each step’s depth
  4. Set the lines across to mark the step
  5. Start digging the step shapes from the top of the flight, working downwards step by step
  6. When you’ve reached the bottom, dig a shallow trench and lay a concrete foundation. This strip of foundation will have to measure about 100 mm (4 in) thick and 300 mm (12 in) wide
  7. Let the foundation harden for 48 hours
  8. Lay two courses of bricks onto the concrete strip, and backfill with gravel
  9. Trowel some mortar on top of the brickwork, and position the first slab on the mortar bed
  10. Tamp down
  11. Check with a spirit level that the steps are level
  12. Build the second riser on the back edge of the first tread, backfill and lay the slab to form the second tread as in previous step
  13. Continue until you’ve reached the top of the flight

Henley Landscapes are experts in all areas of hard landscaping. If you need a set of steps building please feel free to contact us.