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garden stream water featureHenley Landscapes design ponds and streams with people in mind.

At the initial design consultation, we listen to what you want. In order to increase the connection and interaction with the feature, we consider the view from both inside and outside the house in order that the stream if located in the best position to be seen from a specific window or that garden seating is placed in the right spot.

The whole feature may be enhanced with stepping stones, a bridge or the shape of the garden pathway. We deliver what you want!

For a stream to flow, there needs to be elevation and a slope. Whilst a natural slope is ideal, Henley Landscapes have the ability to construct split levels or a sloping stream bed that looks as if the water has eroded away the soil to expose the stone underneath.





Garden StreamOther things to consider are the shoreline. We work with quarries throughout the UK to source the most appropriate natural stone and we pride ourselves on the quality of finish we deliver. With Henley Landscapes, you will not see bits of the pond liner or construction concrete. Our aim is to replicate nature.

Our designers have a vast knowledge of aquatic plants and can work with you to suggest planting options to create the vision you have.

Henley Landscape design and construct gardens with water features such as ponds, streams and waterfalls in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire and the Cotswold’s.

To arrange a design consultation;

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