Garden Waterfall Design Ideas

cottage garden design with garden waterfall



When designing a waterfall, take your inspiration from nature.




Try and visit a number of natural waterfalls or at least look at photos to see how the water flows around and over the rocks.



The design of your falls will depend on topography, pump and pipe size, length of water flow from pump to falls, pond size and possibly other site-specific factors.
To build a waterfall on a level site, with an “average” size pond of 11 x 16, the amount of soil needed to surround the biological filter and create the berm is just about equal to the amount of soil excavated from the pond…it works out quite well. To further enhance or enlarge the berm, you may want to import a little more soil, large boulders or other features.

rock garden with waterfall

Henley Landscapes always take their inspiration from real waterfalls and pride ourselves on the finishing details that make the feature look as if it belongs rather than having been constructed.  Here are a few examples to give you a few garden design ideas.

If you’re looking for an experienced landscape gardener that can construct a waterfall into your garden design, talk to Henley Landscapes.

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