Lake Management

Maintaining Lakes and River Banks

If you manage a lake or river you know there is a constant battle with the effects of nature to protect river banks from soil erosion, remove invasive weeds, stop silt levels from building up and maintain the water quality.  Henley Landscapes understands the stress and worry that goes hand in hand with maintaining large areas of land and water.

Much of our lake and fishery work involves repairing and restoring water bodies to their original form and fixing the damage caused by erosion, eutrophication and agriculture.

We regularly remove silt from water bodies which over time have built up a thick layer of sediment and eventually will become dry land. This natural process of ageing is known as eutrophication, and removing or reducing this silt is key to restoring life and productivity back into the water.

Silt control services;

Silt Pumping

We are able to physically remove accumulated silt by pumping the silt into a slurry onto adjacent land where it can be left to dry and collected for use as compost, or simply left to grass over.

Dredging and Silt Excavation

An alternative method of physical removal involves draining the water and excavating the silt with plant machinery. The silt is then taken to adjacent land to dry. This is generally the preferred method if the silt comprises branches and other debris which cannot be pumped, or if the silt level is beyond that of being able to be pumped out.

Silt Prevention – Reed Bed Filters

The most cost effective solution is prevention, and this can be achieved through filtering incoming water to reduce the deposition of solids into the water and reduce the nutrient input which leads to siltation, algal blooms and eutrophication.

Bank retention.

The erosion of topsoil is typically caused by the constant flow of the water and rainfall runoff  Structure, quality, and stability of ground can be effected by the loss of soil, vegetation and plants can be harmed as well. We have ways to stop this problem and save your valuable soil from being destroyed in the process. The solution will depend on the severity of the erosion and the slope of the bank to be retained. For steep slopes we may use gabion baskets.

Fish Removal During Maintenance

Fish removal Electrofishing in Birmingham, Coventry & Warwickshire


Where a pond, lake or river contains fish that need to be removed during the maintenance, we offer an electrofishing fish removal service.




Other Maintenance Services Provides Include;

Invasive weed control 

Lake Restoration 


For Lake Management issues, silt control or elecrofishing services in Warwickshire;

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