Lake Restoration Service

Lake Management Connolly Dell Before maintenance by Henley Landscapes

Often large bodies of water become neglected and due to the planting of invasive aquatic plants such as bull rushes, they become very overgrown.

It is vitally important that these expanses of water are maintained.


Lake Management Connolly Dell After Work by Henley Landscapes

In some cases dredging a pond is not a practical course of action but the addition of beneficial bacteria and lots of aeration can dramatically improve the water clarity over time. It’s not unusual for literally tons of aquatic plants to be removed from small areas. It is usually more practical to tip this on site but we can arrange for all debris to be taken off your site.

Henley Landscapes will work with you and provide a step by step guide on the tasks needed to restore the lake.


For Lake Management and Restoration services;

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