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Garden design is a combination of elements made up of the creative design to define your ideas and ideas containing details of the hard landscaping, such as paths, walls, water features , sitting areas and decking along with soft landscaping, which details the plants which will be used to create the colour, shape and seasonal appearance of the garden.

Tips for Designing Your Garden

When designing your garden, consider what you want and need from the garden space.
Is there a particular style of garden you’re trying to create?
Can you match that vision with any existing structures you have?
How will you maintain the appearance?
i.e. Do you want something low maintenance or are you prepared to undertake regular garden maintenance.

There are many factors which will influence garden design.

Do you have existing features such as steep slopes, that you want to keep or level?

What type of Soil do you have and what is the quality?
The type of soil you have (level of acidity or alkaline) along with the climate of your location will affect the type of plants that can be grown, so ask if your have particular areas of shade or sunlight, what options you have. However, by conditioning the soil thoroughly with materials such as peat, sand, mineral dust, or manure before planting, we’ve found that plants are able to establish themselves quicker. Just be aware that you may need to add these soil improvement items to your hard landscaping shopping list.

Garden Design Ideas

Cottage Gardens
– Rock water features
Small Garden Design
Water Gardens
– Water Features for small gardens
– Large Water Features for the garden
– Cascade Water Feature
– Natural stone water feature

Garden Water Features

– Garden Waterfalls
– Garden Fountains
– Garden Statues
Garden Streams
– Garden Lighting
– Garden Water Features
– Pond Fountains
– Pond Waterfalls

Henley Landscapes are experienced landscape gardeners in Stratford-upon-Avon that specialise in  designs with garden water features. Click on any of the links to get garden design ideas or learn about Henley Landscapes design process.