Bubbling Rock Garden Water Feature

Large Water feature for the Garden - water fountain boulder

Henley Landscapes work closely with quarries around the UK, so we can find the right colour, shape and size of rock needed for your garden feature.

We have a facility and equipment in Stratford-upon-Avon to drill through rock and fit sumps and water pumps to the underside. Essentially we have the skills to turn almost any raw material into a water feature.

The boulder featured weighs 3/4 tonne, measures approximately 1 metre x 1 metre and was sourced from North Wales.

This drilled boulder gives an effect similar to a candle flame (when the pressure is a little higher than the photo).

The flickering water gives enough movement to wash over the boulder and give off a gentle babbling noise.

If you would like Henley Landscapes to design a bespoke water feature for you or work with you to source a particular rock for your garden;

Phone: 07850 545645
Email: sales@henleylandscapes.co.uk

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