One of our customers recently asked us what we would recommend for ant damage on lawns. This is our reply
“I`ve done a fair bit of research into the ant problem on your lawns and unfortunately there is little I can recommend we do. The ant infestation you have is a result of the aphid infestation we have been suffering from for some time now, which is affecting lleylandii hedges in particular. We have been treating this aphid damage with some success recently and it may be worth eradicating the aphids (before you lose the hedge!) which will remove the food source for the ants. Please see our web page on Hedge Rescue!
Apart from being unsightly the ants really don`t do any damage to the garden and if anything are beneficial to the whole ecosystem. If we eradicate one nest it is likely that a new Queen will then move in. Also the recent damage has been exasperated by the wet weather – the ants are literally trying not to drown hence the amount of surface activity.
All we can do is to spread the soil around with a stiff broom prior to mowing which we will do this afternoon. However in wet spells (like last week) there is almost nothing we can do apart from hosing away the worst of the soil.

Control Ants in lawns

 However if you really have to get rid of the ants this is what we recommend:-
Ants nests in lawns can be a real problem. As well as being a nuisance, ants can ruin the appearance of a fine lawn. They push small piles of fine earth to the surface, which creates an uneven surface (which your lawn mower will catch), smothers existing grass & provides an ideal seed bed for weeds to grow. Tackle them by watering  natural nematodes(steinernema feltiae) directly into the nests. This controls ants of all colours (including red ones) in lawns and borders and should be applied when the ants are present