Stem Injection

Henley Landscapes treating invasive weeds using a stem injection

Treating invasive weeds using a stem injection


What is a Stem Injection?

A stem injection is an application of herbicide, directly into the stem of the plant that you are trying to get rid of. Delivering herbicide directly into the plant, above the root crown dramatically increases the translocation ability of the herbicide throughout the plants root structure.


What is the advantage of a herbicide injection over a foliar spray?

Many weed killers are non-selective.In other words, it wipes out everything it comes into contact with. If you are attempting Japanese knotweed removal in the proximity of desirable plants, an errant foliar spray could wreak considerable havoc upon them. Herbicide injection as a more selective method for applying weedkiller.





Invasive Weed Treatment Stem injection by Henley Landscapes

Treating Japanese Knotweed with a Stem Injection


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