What Is a Water Garden?

The definition of a water garden is “a man made water feature whose purpose is to display aquatic plants or house ornamental fish”.

Typically they are small and shallow, because most aquatic plants require a specific water depth in order to thrive. So if you are designing your aquatic garden from scratch, the depth and surface area will be defined by the species of aquatic plant you want to display.

Henley Landscapes have extensive knowledge of plants and fish to help you design your water garden.

Aquatic Ecosystem

aquatic vegetationIt sounds complicated, but in order to support water quality and clarity, the design needs to create a balanced aquatic ecosystem. Ponds usually contain a diverse array of aquatic life, such as algae, snails, beetles, water bugs and frogs. In-water and bank-side planting along with elements such as boulders, lining treatment fountains and waterfalls all help to create and maintain that ecosystem.

Again, Henley Landscapes can advise and supply you with all of the elements you need to create a balanced water garden. We also provide pond cleaning and maintenance services.

 water gardenwater-garden-gravel-poolAquatic Flora

Water garden plants are divided into three main categories: submerged, marginal, and floating.

Submerged plants live almost completely under the water, sometimes with leaves or flowers that grow to the surface such as with the water lily. These plants are usually placed 1–2 ft  below the water surface and are often known as oxygenators because they create oxygen for any fish that live in the pond.

Marginal plants live with their roots under the water but the rest of the plant above the surface. These are usually placed just below the surface water level.

Floating plants are not anchored and float free on the surface. They are often used to provide shade in order to reduce algae growth in a pond.


Algae are found in most ponds but are only usually noticed when they have become dense because of the high nutrient levels that are typical of garden ponds.

Blanket weed can grow up to a foot a day clogging your garden pond.

Free floating microscopic Algae cause pond water to go green. Green water means there are too many nutrients in the water, usually from rotting vegetation. However, killing the free floating algae with chemicals makes the problem worse as more nutrients enter the water.

Green water can reduced by adding more floating or submerged plants as they can take the nutrients out of the water or filters can be installed to remove the nutrients and all types of algae from the water.


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